Matthews Building Supply has been supplying Engineered Wood Products to area builders since 1991. Our customer service, product knowledge, and solutions, are built on a foundation of Integrity. Our goal is to provide you the most economical, high-performance, consistent, reliable, environmentally responsible, and structurally sound EWP solution for your project.

We are using the state-of-art software for layouts and/or designs, and are generated in a 3D modeling environment. Using the 3D approach gives us the avenue to address any complex framing issues that are typically difficult to visualize in two-dimension.



From its dramatic color tones and multiple wood grain patterns to the polish and protection of capping on all four sides, Fiberon Horizon® Decking is the composite deck board for those who won't compromise.

Horizon is capped (or covered) on all four sides with PermaTech® surface material and never needs sanding, staining, or sealing. Four-sided capping increases durability, enhances stain and fade resistance, and ensures a polished appearance all around. Plus, Horizon boards feature two different wood grain patterns on the top and bottom for more design options and less material waste. All this, and at a price that is comparable to others' non-reversible boards.



Microllam LVL beams work well in applications all over the house. They can easily be built-up on site to cut down on the heavy lifting associated with beams. No matter where they're used, they install quickly with little or no waste.

They're made from our proven Microllam laminated veneer lumber (LVL). This means they're very stable and they resist warping, splitting and shrinking.



Parallam® PSL Beams are strong, beautiful, and can help turn open floor plans into reality.

Add strength and reliability to your structure when you use Parallam® parallel strand lumber (PSL) beams. The superior strength of Parallam® PSL makes longer clear spans possible, giving you more design options with open, spacious floor plans. Parallam® PSL beams can be stained or finished for a handsome look in exposed applications.



LSL BEAM: You want the best beam for the buck in all your projects, a beam that’s straight, strong and solid. But what happens when you need to cut holes in that beam big enough to get your wiring and pipes through, without compromising strength and support? The TimberStrand® LSL Beam from iLevel provides the consistency and performance you’ve come to expect from TimberStrand® LSL. It also can accommodate larger holes—up to 45⁄8" in a 14" beam—and even multiple holes without any loss of structural performance.

LSL RIM BOARD: TimberStrand® LSL Rim Board is straight, strong and installs fast. TimberStrand laminated strand lumber (LSL), is an engineered lumber that is always straight, true and consistent. These elements combine to create an excellent rim board material. Installation is fast and accurate. TimberStrand Rim Board is dimensionally stable and excels at transferring vertical and lateral loads to the foundation. It also provides an excellent attachment point for exterior decks. Sized to fit with TJI® joists, TimberStrand Rim Board is an important part of the floor system.



Walls do more for a house than hold up the weight of the roof. They also have to stand strong against forces of nature that can come from any side.

Structural wall bracing protects life and property against damage from lateral (sideways) forces. That's why more and more municipalities are enforcing International Residential Code (IRC) requirements for wall bracing. Some high-wind or earthquake-prone regions even require that a structural engineer of record (EOR) design every house built in their jurisdictions.

In addition to the technical literature, our Engineering Support staff has created a number of Technical Bulletins to help you in using the Shear Brace. iLevel® Shear Brace delivers outstanding lateral force resistance. They are easy to work with and install, and they meet or exceed code requirements for both engineered and prescriptive design.

  • High allowable loads at narrow widths

  • Narrow 12" width allows greater design flexibility. The 24" width handles higher
    lateral loads.

  • Available soon in lengths up to 20' for tall wall framing

  • Multi-story applications

  • High wind performance

  • Can be trimmed in the field for custom heights

  • Engineered wood is an ideal nailing surface

  • Pre-cut holes and chases

  • Drill zones allow field drilling to accommodate trades